SaRaj InnoTech service private limited is a privately owned company.
It provides IT consultancy and Software Design and development as well as professional services in the cloud ( Aws and Azure), DevOps, Salesforce marketing cloud, and digital marketing.

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Easy to use

We Provide offers a user-friendly interface with basic and advanced formatting options In all our services according to this generations.

Real Time

Our software has achieved popularity due to its user-friendly interfaces and ease of use in real-time user experience.

Daily Report

We can customize them according to your needs, including the type of report, the data you want to include, and the format you prefer.

Fast Results

We are known for providing efficient and fast results in terms of Software solutions and Recruiting Business.

Application Development

Our application development can vary greatly based on the platform (web, mobile, desktop), the technology stack (programming languages, frameworks), and the complexity of the app.

Application Maintenance

Our Application maintenance services refer to the ongoing activities and support required to ensure the smooth functioning, security, and relevance of a software application after its initial development and deployment.

Software Development

Saraj Innotech Software Solutions’ process of designing, creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining computer programs or applications. It involves a series of steps aimed at producing high-quality software that meets specific requirements. 

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services Include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Chatbots and AI, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Analytics and Data Analysis.

Cloud Services

Our Cloud Based services are well known for enabling users to access and use various computing resources without the need for extensive local infrastructure or hardware, services offer scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the ability to access resources from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. 

IT Recruiting

Saraj Innotech Software Solutions finds, hires, and manages skilled information technology (IT) professionals to fill temporary, contract, or permanent positions within an organization.

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